About Us

Brother and sister team Joey Sturgill and Jamie Huff opened Detroit Artisans in 2015 to showcase antique and vintage treasures. Detroit Artisans truly came from their love of bargain hunting, inspired by their grandmother, Billie. “She was a heavy, heavy garage saler and we always looked forward to going out with her.” Joey reflects.


This grew into a desire to create a space that was more than just retail, but an inspiration space. This space would not only sell antique and vintage items from various eras, but showcase the work of living artists inspired-by and incorporating vintage aesthetics and themes in their art. It would be a space where local history is revered. Artifacts of the Great Lakes region are preserved to honor our heritage. Some items are reclaimed, others are left untouched.


You won’t find rows of locked glass cases here; Detroit Artisans invites you to come touch history.