Antique Medical


Few antiques seem as significant as those that were once used to save lives.

Collectors of antique medical see this as one of the reasons bottles, instruments, furniture, and everything in-between should be preserved. Everything, down to the last amber medicine bottle, has a story that touched lives.

Today, antique medical has captured the hearts of more than just collectors, but the general public as well – the rich history, the solid, utilitarian construction, and the unique stories tied to each piece makes them perfect for displaying with reverence.

In our store, you’ll find great examples of all types of antique medical, proudly displayed and ready for a new life in your home.

Medicine Bottles

A staple for decoration, these antique bottles come in various sizes in standard clear, blue, and amber colors.

Medical Cabinets

Sturdy storage for any room in your house. Detroit Artisans regularly stocks cabinets and worktables - they never last long.

Instruments / Surgical Tools

Practitioners held these to heal the sick – anything from scalpels to bloodletting and beyond.

Lab Equipment

More than just test tubes, we stock numerous types of vintage and antique lab equipment.

Medical Charts

Used in educating physicians and nurses, these beautiful illustrations are framable and perfect for display.

Medical Reference Books

Also used in education, reference books often come with numerous illustrations and unique stories of their previous owners.

Optical and Dental

Antique eyeglasses, cast resin 3D models, and metal instruments are just a few of the things you’ll find.

Medical Oddities & Quackery

Snake oil has almost as long of a history as medicine itself – see sham elixirs, electric devices and quack inventions.

Much More

There will always be too much to list on our website! Visit our store to see all that Detroit Artisans has to offer.