Vintage Furniture


It’s sometimes hard to remember that, not too long ago, furniture was as big a purchase as a house. Solid wood and sturdy construction were necessary. Comfort was nice to have, but not always guaranteed.


Things like a kitchen table would be the center of the home for a generation or more; this is where the homework was completed; this is where letters were written, where they were read, and where bills were paid; most importantly, this is where the family dined together, keeping strong their bonds every single day. Maybe this is why we passed them down. There are memories there.

Craftsmen carved these pieces without the use of power tools or modern measurement devices. This attention to detail can be felt in the final product – something that’s missing from today’s assembly required particleboard furniture. These pieces were purchased new, cared for, and soon turned into vintage and then antique furniture pieces. Some were not so well cared for, and must be reclaimed. No matter their condition, Detroit Artisans wants to pass on that heritage so that the memories continue.
Antique Tables

Whether it’s a side table or a full vintage dining set, these pieces are functional and ready for your entire family.

Vintage Chairs

From kitchen to living room chairs, these classic styles and rock-solid construction will keep you comfortable for years to come.

Vanities & Mirrors

Nothing inspires glamour quite like an antique vanity. These pieces span many years, from Victorian to 1970s.

Hutches & China Cabinets

Moving parts wreak havoc on modern furniture. These antique hutches and china cabinets are still going strong after decades of use.

Desks & Office

Commanding and inspiring, these vintage desks and office furniture have the look and the feel.

Much More

There will always be too much to list on our website! Visit our store to see all that Detroit Artisans has to offer.