While the rest of the world catches up,

those of us in Michigan always knew that industrial furniture was superior to big-box store alternatives. Made to withstand the everyday knocks of industry and the manufacturing process, these pieces were made to last a lifetime – and then some.

What makes it different for Detroiters is that most of these things were made in our own backyard. Machinists, welders, anyone working “on the line,” used pieces like these to hone their craft. But it extends beyond the city factories to the small town artisans who did everything the hard way on equipment handed down through generations.

Detroit Artisans is proud to carry industrial décor from our region,

preserving our local history and honoring those who sweat for a living.


Bring that industrial-era edge to your home with porcelain shades, wire cages, rusty corners – all ready for Edison bulbs.

Industrial Seating

Cast iron legs, chunky hardware, and broken-in seat tops make a bold statement in any space.

Tables & Benches

Repurpose these worn workspaces into side tables, entertainment consoles, even kitchen pieces.

Industrial Storage

Roll-formed steel makes these storage pieces as sturdy as the day they were made and as striking as they are functional.

Industrial Decor

These are the pieces that may no longer function as intended, but can be appreciated as the art they are – functional design, rivets, and rust.

Much More

There will always be too much to list on our website! Visit our store to see all that Detroit Artisans has to offer.