Nothing can bring us back like vintage advertising.

Sometimes, it sparks a memory of an old job, a trade, or simply a forgotten memory. For over 100 years, advertising had adorned buildings, storefronts, and even the roads we travelled on. Much of this history has been knocked down, painted over, or lost.

Luckily, there have also been many pieces accidentally preserved in attics, garages, barns, and storage units for many years. These came in many forms: small or massive, paper or cardboard, wood or metal. Some of these were easier to preserve than others. Metal signage often lasted much, much longer than their paper or cardboard counterparts. In-store displays were often kept because they also served a utilitarian function as storage. No matter the reason these pieces were saved, Detroit Artisans is proud to help in the preservation of these American artifacts for future generations.
Metal Signs

Enameled signs were meant to stand up to the elements. These pieces make a strong statement in shops and mancaves.

Store Displays & Kiosks

These were the items in stores that would catch the shopper’s eye. Repurpose these into furniture pieces or simply display them.

Vintage & Retro Posters

Some of the most difficult items to preserve, these often advertised products, businesses, or films. With care, these have been saved to inspire future generations.

Print Ads

See everything from vintage magazine clippings of a household product to catalogs from turn-of-the-century retailers.


Often, advertising doubled as storage. Crates, boxes, shelving – functional, beautiful, and ready for use or display.

Much More

There will always be too much to list on our website! Visit our store to see all that Detroit Artisans has to offer.